How does my minimum work?

Like many country clubs, Janesville Country Club (JCC) has a monthly food and beverage minimum that runs nine months of the year (excludes January, February and March).  The minimum runs from the first of the month through the last day of the month.  All food and beverage purchases apply towards the minimum.

If I am a Social member can I play golf at Janesville Country Club?

You may play the course for a total of three times a year and must be with a Full Privilege member.  Regular green fees apply.

If I am a Full Privilege member do I have to pay for golf?

No.  Golf for all individuals covered under your membership is included with your membership dues.  The only playing fees that may apply would be those for a guest.

When is the fitness facility open?

The fitness area opens at 5am, seven days a week.  We also offer fitness keys that you may purchase which allow private entrance when the building is closed.

Is there a limited amount of times that a person can be a golf guest at the club?

If the guest lives within 25 miles of JCC, they are limited to three rounds of golf per season at the Janesville Country Club.

What reciprocal privileges do I have?

As a Full Privilege member, you have access to hundreds of private golf courses around the country.  In most cases, a guest fee will be charged to you to play these private clubs.  Why is this a good deal?  Without your membership at JCC, you would not be able to play other private clubs. In addition, several years ago JCC partnered with seven other private golf clubs to allow access to their courses for a golf car fee (usually around $20).  These Country Clubs include:  Blackhawk, Nakoma, Dubuque, Oshkosh, Westmoor, Hawks Landing, and Tripoli.

If I am not a golfing member, can my kids or grandkids participate in Junior Golf?

Yes. Please speak to the Golf Shop staff at 755-7760 for further details.

How much will a private room cost me for a meeting or banquet?

One of the many benefits of being a member of Janesville Country Club is there is no additional cost for you to utilize any available space in the clubhouse dining rooms or surrounding patios.

Is there an advantage to paying my membership dues yearly as opposed to monthly?

Yes.  Any member that pays their dues at the beginning of the year will receive either a 10 guest fee pass (Full Privilege) or a $100 food and beverage credit (Social Members).

How do I pay for what I enjoy at JCC?

We send out statements on the first of every month. You may pay by check, cash, or credit card (VISA, MasterCard and American Express).  In addition, we also have the ability to deduct the amount owed directly from a checking or savings account.  Your previous months’ statement is due on the 15th of each month.