Social Calendar for 2017

February 2017

February 23rd - Prime Rib Night

February 25th - Kids Movie Night

March 2017

March 1st - Book Club

March 7th - Burger Night

March 11th - Kids Movie Night

March 14th - Burger Night

March 15th - March Madness Bracket Party

March 17th - St. Patrick's Day Dinner and Drink Specials

March 21st - Burger Night

March 25th - Kick off the Spring Kinda Thing

March 28th - Burger Night

March 30th - Prime Rib Night

April 2017

April 4th Burger Night

April 5th - Fantasy Draft

April 6th - Adult Trivia

April 6th - Chef's Specials

April 11th - Adult Cooking Class

April 11th - Burger Night

April 13th - Chef's Specials

April 13th - Cigars and Spirits

April 16th - Easter Brunch

April 18th - Burger Night

April 20th - Chef's Specials

April 20th - Wine Dinner

April 21st - Live Music

April 25th - Burger Night

April 26th - 28th - Administrative Lunch Buffet

April 27th - Prime Rib

April 27th - Chef's Specials

April 27th - LGA Front Nine Cocktail Party

April 30th - Pretty Princess Tea Party

May 2017

May 3rd - Mens Twilight

May 4th - Ladies Twilight

May 5th - Cinco De Mayo Happy Hour

May 7th - MGA Spring Tournament

May 8th - WPGA Match Play

May 9th  - Mother's Day Gift Making

May 9th - WPGA Match Play

May 10th - WPGA Match Play

May 10th - Mens Twilight

May 11th - WPGA Match Play

May 11th - Ladies Twilight

May 13th - Family Bingo

May 14th - Mother's Day Brunch

May 17th - MGA Shootout

May 18th - Ladies Play Day

May 19th - Live Music

May 19th - Couples Golf Guest Night

May 21st - Men's Monthly Breakfast and Golf Mixer

May 24th - Men's Twilight

May 25th - Prime Rib

May 27th - Pool Opens

May 29th - MGA Memorial Day Classic

May 31st - Men's Twilight

June 2017

June 1st - Ladies Twilight

June 2nd - Capital Night

June 4th - MGA Match Play A Palooza

June 5th - Scramble Together Against MS

June 7th - MGA Sinnissippi Day

June 8th - Ladies Play Day

June 11th - Men's Monthly Breakfast and Golf Mixer

June 13th - Father's Day Gift Making

June 13th - Ladies Invitational

June 14th - MGA One Man Scramble

June 15th - Ladies Twilight

June 16th - Couples Golf

June 18th - Father's Day Breakfast

June 19th - Crimestoppers Golf Outing

June 20th - Ladies Invitational

June 21st - Mens' Twilight

June 22nd - Ladies Twilight

June 23rd - Bags Tournament with Drink Specials

June 28th - Mens Twilight

June 29th - Prime Rib Night

June 29th - Ladies Play Day

June 30th - Couples Golf

July 2017

July 4th - July 4th Celebration

July 4th - MGA 4th of July Tournament

July 5th - MGA 3 Club Tournament

July 6th - Ladies Twilight

July 10th - Cedar Acres Golf Outing

July 12th - Mens' Twilight

July 13th - Ladies Twilight

July 14th - Couples Golf Guest Night

July 15th - Concert on the Green

July 15th - Men's Monthly Golf Breakfast and Golf Mixer

July 18th - LGA Charity Golf Classic

July 20th - Wine Dinner

July 20th - MGA Member Guest

July 21st Junior Golf Tournament

July 23rd - MGA 2 Man

July 24th - Senior Golf Association Outing

July 26th - Men's Twilight

July 27th - Prime Rib

July 27th - Ladies Twilight

July 28th - Men's City Tournament

August 2017

August 2nd - Par 3 Event and Pro Member Drawing

August 3rd - Ladies Twilight

August 4th - Couples Golf

August 7th - Serra Lunch and Dinner

August 9th - Pro Member

August 10th - Ladies Play Day

August 12th - Men's Monthly Breakfast and Golf Mixer

August 16th - Mens Twilight

August 17th - Ladies Play Day

August 18th - Live Music

August 19th - Club Championships

August 20th - JCC Annual Car Show

August 20th - Club Championship

August 21st -Senior Golf of Association of WI Event

August 23rd - Mens Twilight

August 24th - Ladies Twilight

August 25th - Couples Golf

August 26th - Adult Pool Party

August 26th - Club Championships

August 27th - Family Brunch

August 27th - Club Championship

August 28th - Janesville Men's Senior Championship

August 31st - Prime Rib Night

September 2017

September 4th - Pool Closes

September 4th - Labor Day Classic

September 6th - Speciality Food Night

September 7th - Adult Trivia

September 7th - LGA Closer/Field Day

September 10th - Men's Monthly Breakfast and Golf Mixer

September 13th - Breakfast for Dinner

September 13th - MGA Shootout

September 16th - Seafood Fest

September 17th - Husband Wife Championship

September 20th - Breakfast for Dinner

September 20th - Adult Cooking Class

September 20th - MGA Shootout

September 21st - Fall Harvest Dinner

September 24th - Pretty Princess Party

September 27th - Breakfast for Dinner

September 27th - MGA Hole in One and Closing Stag

September 28th - Prime Rib

October 2017

October 4th - Oktoberfest Specials and Beer Flights

October 6th - Happy Ours Party

October 8th - Pumpkin Patch and Hayrides

October 11th - Oktoberfest Specials and Beer Flights

October 12th - Adult Trivia

October 18th - Oktoberfest Specials and Beer Flights

October 25th - Oktoberfest Specials and Beer Flights

October 26th - Prime Rib Night

October 26th - Wine Dinner

October 28th - Kids Halloween Party

November 2017

November 2nd - Chef Specials

November 8th - Family Bingo

November 9th - Chef Specials

November 10th - Live Music

November 11th - Cooking Competition Top Chef

November 14th - Junior Cooking Class

November 16th - Fondue Night

November 23rd - Thanksgiving Buffet

November 25th - Gingerbread House Making

November 30th - Chef Specials

December 2017

December 6th - Kids Etiquette Class

December 10th - Santa Brunch

December 13th-15th - Holiday Lunch Buffet

December 19th - Holiday Cooking Class

December 22nd - Live Music

December 22nd - Holiday Dinner Buffet

December 28th - Prime Rib Night

December 31st - New Year's Eve Bash/Dinner